Past Journal Issues

Oct 2012

Practical Thinking, Volume 7, Number 2

An Essay on the Evolution of Science (Part 2) (Ed Ferlauto)
Book Review: Seasons of Desire: What I Discovered Along the Way (Shirley Whiting)
Book Review: Idiot America (Robert Brusic)

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Mar 2012

Practical Thinking, Volume 8, Number 1

An Essay on the Evolution of Science (Part 1) (Ed Ferlauto)
MISF and Fiscal Agency (David Megarry)
Museumization (Mary Treacy)
Book Review: Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us (Dennis Shapiro)
Book Review: Stand Up: The Story of Minnesota’s Protest Tradition (Robert Brusic)

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Sep 2011

Practical Thinking, Volume 7, Number 2

Defend our Archives (Mary Treacy)
How to Use a Research Library (Timothy J. Johnson)
Collecting and archiving in a digital age (Lucy Brusic)
Book review: The Unconscious Civilization (Shirley Whiting)
Forensic Physiology (David Juncker)
The Art of Music: the Music of Art (Charles Cubrimi)
A History of Astronomy (Bill McTeer)

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Mar 2011

Practical Thinking, Volume 7, Number 1

How to Use an Editor (Virginia Hansen)
Save the World (Philip Dahlen)
The Dead Sea Scrolls (Robert Brusic)
The Bohr-Einstein Debates (Bill McTeer)
Communication Revolution (David Juncker)
On Revolutions, Digital and Otherwise (Lucy Brusic)

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Sep 2010

Practical Thinking, Volume 6, Number 1

Yes, but Is it Health Insurance? (Lee Wenzel)

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Dec 2009

Practical Thinking, Volume 5, Number 2

Art and the Marketplace (Robert Brusic)
Physics Encounters Consciousness (Bill McTeer)
Human Systems Dynamic (Philip Dahlen)
Life After the Bailout (Lucy Brusic)
Book Review: Three Cups of Tea: One man's mission to fight terrorism and build nations—one school at a time (David Juncker))
Book Review: Between (Charles Cubrimi)

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Feb 2009

Practical Thinking, Volume 5, Number 1

What Maps Can Tell Us (Lucy Brusic)
The Minneapolis Sustainable City Project (David Juncker)
Tales of Two ( or Maybe Three) Cities (Joseph Murphy)
John Sloan’s City (Robert Brusic)
Book Review: Handbook for Community Organizers (Shirley Whiting)
The Underground Scholar (Curt Hillstrom)

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Jun 2008

Practical Thinking, Volume 4, Number 2

Fame was not fair to Herbert W. Gleason (Dale R. Schwie)
Reflections from the Wireless Pond (Charles Cubrimi)
Hidden Heroes (Mary Treacy, Rhoda Lewin, David Juncker, Lucy Brusic)
Book Review: Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers (Ginny Hansen)
Book Review: Fiddle Game (Robert Brusic)

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Jan 2007

Practical Thinking, Volume 2, Number 2

Rethinking Adult Education in a Pancake World (Terilyn C. Turner)
Globalization: The Next Hot Thing (Paul Chapman)
Globalization: Will it make or break us? (Anne Auten)

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Jun 2006

Practical Thinking, Volume 2, Number 1

Immigration: Arguing Past One Another (Tom Cytron-Hysom)
Immigrant Adults As Learners: Lessons From the Field (Leslie Shore)
Journey to the New World: A Brief History of Jewish Immigrants’ Lives in Minneapolis (Rhoda G. Lewin)
Another Kind of Fusion (David A. Wesley)

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