Past Journal Issues

Jun 2006

Practical Thinking, Volume 2, Number 1

Immigration: Arguing Past One Another (Tom Cytron-Hysom)
Immigrant Adults As Learners: Lessons From the Field (Leslie Shore)
Journey to the New World: A Brief History of Jewish Immigrants’ Lives in Minneapolis (Rhoda G. Lewin)
Another Kind of Fusion (David A. Wesley)

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Dec 2005

Practical Thinking, Volume 1, Number 2)

The Value of Values, (Roger Sween)
Practical Thinking: Science in Context, (George Anderson)
Theories vs. Hypotheses, Ideas and Opinions:The Role of Scientific Methodology (David F. Junker)
Book Review: Arpeggio of Appetite (Judy Yaeger Jones)

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Jun 2005

Practical Thinking, Volume 1, Number 1

Knowledge and Information in a Media-Saturated World (Tom Eland)
Negotiating the Currents: Reflections on the Role of Religion in Contemporary America (Robert Brusic)
The Sacred in America (Jerry Stein)
Writing on Reading: What might be learned from two books (Roger Sween)
Book Review: Chicago and Illinois: A guide to Sacred Places (Kathie S. Frank)

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