Past Journal Issues

Dec 1996 The Forum, Volume 9, Number 1

Institute's Art Library is Bountiful:
Minneapolis Institute of Art's Research and Reference Art Library (John Parker)
President's Message
New Ideas and Pertnerships, Old Responsibilities (Dave Juncker)
Coen Studies Impressionism in Minnesota
A Seasoned View of the History of Regional Art (Helen Twombly Watkins)
Immortality (Lucy Smith)
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Oct 1996 The Forum, Volume 8, Number 3

Renewal At The Minnespolis Athenaeum (John Parker)
President's Message (Dave Juncker)
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Feb 1996 The Forum, Volume 8, Number 1

IMA: An Association of Independent Scholars (Rhoda Gilman)
President's Column (Ross Corson)
A Library of Cultural Insights (John Parker)
Women in Print (Glenda Martin and Mary Treacy)
Scholars' Forum Study Groups (Curt Hillstrom)
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Nov 1995 The Forum, Volume 7, Number 3

'30s, '60s, '90s: A Century of Revolutions? (Arthur Naftalin)
Presient's Column (Ross Corson)
A Source for Cultural Historians (John Parker)
So What Is This Internet, Anyway?
Interview with Tamara Blaschko (David Wiggins)
Two Views of the Internet (Lucy Brusic)
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Aug 1995 The Forum, Volume 7, Number 2

Who Says So? Voices in the Museum World (Carolyn Gilman)
President's Column (Ross Corson)
A Library of the Renaissance and Reformation (John Parker)
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Feb 1995 The Forum, Volume 7, Number 1

Information: Who Wants It? (Roeger Sween)
President's Message (Ross Corson)
Editor's Column (Tom Ables)
A Natural Affinity
Independent Scholars & Independent Booksellers (Rhoda Gilman)
On the Power of Magnets - and Books (John Parker)
How to Start a Study Group (Curt Hillstrom)
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May 1994 The Forum, Volume 6, Number 2

Timeliness and Timelessness of Information (Tom Ableles, editor)
Books, Books, Books...(John Parker)
President's Column (Bob Thimmesh)
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Feb 1994 The Forum, Volume 6, Number 1

Annual meeting fails to pick millennial person (Ginny Hansen)
President's Column (Robert F. Thimmesh)
Editor's Column: On the Net (Tom Abeles)
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Oct 1993 The Forum, Volume 5, Number 3

How Independent Can An Independent Scholar Truly Be?
President's Message (Robert Thimmesh)
National IS Coalition Shates How-To on Funds, Publishing, andf More (Rhoda Lewin)
The Last Word (David Juncker)
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Apr 1993 The Forum Volume 5, Numbers 1 & 2

The Folk High School Movement in Denmark:
Founding Philosophy and Sovial Development (Finn Jorgensen)
President's Message:
Observations on Education (Robert F. Thimmesh)
A Short History of MISF:
Forum's tenth anniversary coming or going, depending... (Brian Mulhern)
The Last Word:
Educational Programs with a Built-in Error (David Juncker)
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