Production of “The Bat of Minerva”–A Philosophy Show

Minnesota Humanities Commission
Peter Shea, Ph.D.
Project Duration: 
Jan 12 2000 to Apr 9 2001
Project Description: 

Mr. Shea produced 30, hour-long episodes of "The Bat of Minerva" cable TV show, in the period from January 30 through December 15, 2000. The episodes raised and explored philosophic questions in a variety of personal and professional contexts. At least ten of the episodes involved professional philosophers. The others explored philosophic issues with articulate people reflecting on their personal and professional lives. The show was a one-hour discussion with from one to three guests. Mr. Shea was the host for each episode, which was cablecast throughout the seven county metro area of Minneapolis and St.Paul.

The grant award paid the cost of cable access through Metro Cable Network.