Philosophy Study Group (Session 1)

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Curran's Restaurant, 42nd and Nicollet in Minneapolis

Wednesday, December 20 (session 2). We are turning to the topic of philosophy of science with an examination of a book considered a classic in this field: The Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl Popper. First published in Germany in 1934, Popper rewrote it for the English edition in 1959. He later added chapters on quantum mechanics and corroboration as well as more appendices. We will cover Part I for this meeting. The price of this book new is all over the place, but it is generally available in paperback for around $17. As an ebook, it is for sale in epub format on Google books for $16, but is $26 for Kindle (or rent it for $8 for a month). It can be found for less – but not a lot – as a used book. Note, however, that not all editions contain the extra material. The best deal, easily, is on free. Another great deal: We don't charge anything to come to our meetings, unless you include reading the book...which you will surely do.