Current Projects

Barbara Sommer, MISF Board member and established Oral Historian, is currently working on The American Indian, First Nations Oral History Manual (working title), with Charles E. Trimble, Mary Kay Quinlan, Winona Wheeler, 2nd ed. Routledge, due out in 2023.
Dr. Mary Kay Quinlan, Dr. Winona Wheeler, and Barbara W. Sommer are under contract with Routledge to update and expand The American Indian Oral History Manual (Trimble, Sommer, Quinlan, 2009). The new edition will provide up-to-date information about recording, documenting, caring for, accessing, and using Indigenous oral information, including oral histories, oral traditions, ethnographic materials, anthropological materials, and court testimony, in the United States and Canada. Second edition authors are original authors Charles E. “Chuck” Trimble (Oglala Lakota, dates:1935-2020), Sommer, Quinlan, and new Canadian author Winona Wheeler, Cree, University of Saskatchewan. 
Barbara W. Sommer,