Minnesota Muslims-Up Close

Tamim Saidi
Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:30am
Washburn Library, 5244 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis

Muslims have been part of Minnesota since the 19th Century so why are we just noticing them now? Examine the diversity and the unity of the Muslim experience in the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

The speaker, Tamim Saidi, has been active in describing Islam and the Muslim's culture and way of life. This is your chance to hear what being a Muslim is like in the land of Lutherans and how Minnesota Nice plays out with an increasingly visible religious group.

This is also a chance to ask questions about one of the largest of the world's religions. You can even be politically incorrect. Tamim Saidi (pronounced Ta-meem Sa-ee-dee) has worked with Islamic Resource Group, is on the advisory board to CAIR-MN, and is President of a mosque in Plymouth. He is a Doctor of Pharmacy and works as a Consultative Pharmacist. He is the father of four children, a son, a husband, and a brother.