Past Journal Issues

Dec 2017

The Minnesota Scholar Volume 12, Number 2

Why Art? Why Not Art? (Robert Brusic)
Book Review (Joe Amato):
          DIAGNOSTICS: Poetics of Time (Elizabeth Irwin, 2017)
Editor’s Perspective: (Evelyn D. Klein)
In Memoriam of Shirley Whiting A Meeting of Minds Poem: In a State of Conception (Evelyn D. Klein)

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Jun 2017

The Minnesota Scholar, Volume 12, Number 1

President’s Message: (Steve Miller)
Editor’s Perspective: Of Independent Scholars (Evelyn Klein)
Preserving Memories through Oral Histories (Barbara W. Sommer)
Book Review (Lucy Brusic):
           Everyday Life: How the Ordinary Became Extraordinary (Joe Amato, 2016) 

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Dec 2016

The Minnesota Scholar, Volume 11, Number 2

The Belonging Addiction, (Steven Miller)
After the Election, (Evelyn D. Klein)
Book Review (Lucy Brusic):
            My Three Sicilies (Joseph Amato, 2016)

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Jun 2016

The Minnesota Scholar, Volume 11, Number 1

The Driving Force (Evelyn Klein)
Pursuing Family Roots (Gus Fenton)
Voice of the People (Mike Woolsey)
Book Review (Lucy Brusic):
            Her Honor : Rosalie Wahl and the Minnesota Women's Movement 
(Lori Sturdevant, 2014)

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Dec 2015

The Minnesota Scholar Volume 10, Number 2

Saying what needs to be said (Gus Fenton)
Politically Correct (Evelyn Klein)

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Jul 2015

The Minnesota Scholar Volume 10 Number 1

The Company of Plants (Evelyn D. Klein)
Book Review (Mike Woolsey):
            Who Owns History? Rethinking the Past in a Changing World
(Eric Foner, 2002)

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Dec 2014

Practical Thinking, Volume 9, Number 2

To Bear the Mark (Kim Heikkila)
Secret Writing (Bill McTeer)
Book review (Steve Miller):
         Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief
(Lawrence Wright, 2013)
Book review (Shirley Whiting):
          Jung and Politics: The Political and Social Ideas of C.G. Jung
(Volodymyr Odajnyk, 2007)

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Jun 2014

Practical Thinking, Volume 9, Number 1

Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes & Almost as Many Crime Novels (Robert Brusic)
Tracking a National Obsession: The 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination (Michael Woolsey)
Book review (Ginny Hansen):
          Buoyancies: A Ballast Master’s Log (Joe Amato, 2014)

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Nov 2013

Practical Thinking, Volume 8, Number 2

Addicted to Archives (Mary Treacy)
Book review (Robert Brusic):
          Surfaces: A History (Joe Amato, 2013)

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May 2013

Practical Thinking, Volume 8, Number 1

A Reflection on The Handbook for Independent Scholars (Lucy Brusic)
Book Review (Shirley Whiting):
           The Citizen Solution: How You Can Make a Difference (Harry C. Boyte, 2008)

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