Past Journal Issues

Oct 2002 The Forum, Volume 14, Number 1

Distributive Justice (Curt Hillstrom)
Why I am Running for Political Office (Rhoda Gilman)
Our Roards: Artieries or Perforated Colon (David Juncker)
Book Review (Lucy Brusic):
           Rethinking Home: A Case for Writing Local History (Joe Amato, 2002)
President's Column (Shirley Whiting)
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May 2002 The Forum, Volume 13, Number 3

Removing the barriers or raising the barricades? (Alan Clarke)
Everyone's a Philosopher (Tom Ables)
Book Review (William Jacobson): 
           The Kensington Runestone: Its Place in History
(Thomas Reiersgord, 2001)
President's Column (Shirley Whiting)
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Feb 2002 The Forum, Volume 13, Number 2

Can we learn to think globally? (David Wiggins)
Hospitals and Evolution (David Juncker)
Book Review (Claudia Crawford):
          Neitzsche's Prophecy: the crisis in meaning (Harvey Sarles, 2001)
President's Column (Shirley Whiting)
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Oct 2001 The Forum, Volume 13, Number 1

Shea brings philosophy to television (Peter Shea)
Making Sense - Moving Forward (David Juncker)
President's Column (Shirley Whiting)
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Oct 2000 The Forum, Volume 12, Number 2

Time in a (Throwaway) Bottle (R. A. Thompson)
Broken Symmetry (George Anderson)
Airborne Culture (R. A. Thompson)
Who's Who on the MISF Board (Shirley Whiting)
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May 2000 The Forum, Volume 12, Number 1

The Contrarian's Manifesto (R. A. Thompson):
Book Review of Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man (Susan Faludi, 2009)
The Shape of Rhyme (Morgan Grayce Willow)
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Dec 1999 The Forum, Volume 11, Number 3

Putting Humanity Back Into Science (Roger S. Jones)
A Review of two Books: 
Cosmos and Anthropos (Errol E. Harris, 1991)
The Self Aware Universe (Amit Goswami, 1995) 
Pilgrimage to Pomerania (Lucy Smith)
A Comparative Study of Religious Architecture in the New and Old Worlds 
(Marilyn J. Chiat)
Learning from a Retired Journalist (Helen Watkins)
Bridging the 'Digital Divide' (George Anderson)
The U of M's Anderson Library and Archival Caverns (Helen Watkins)
On Nurturing a Flow-Chart for Knowing (Ginny Hansen with Helen Watkins)
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Oct 1999 The Forum, Volume 11, Number 2

Striving To Noble Fortunes...Or Thriving By Other Means (George R. Anderson)
From Minnesota's Rivers to Walden Pond (Helen Watkins):
Program Review of Photographic Legacy of Herbert W. Gleason (1853-1937) (Dale Schwie)
SASE Provides Access to All Writers (Helen Watkins)
The Pleasure of Tinkertoys (Richard Thompson):
Program Review of New Periodic Display of the Chemical Elements (George Anderson)
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May 1999 The Forum, Volume 11, Number 1

Do Not Pass GO: Do Not Collect 10% On All Bestsellers (Richard A. Thompson)
Reckoning MISF's Past With Its Future (George A. Anderson)
Postcards from a Lost World (Richard Thompson):
Exhibition Review of On the Road with Thomas Hart Benton: Images of a Changing America (Minnesota Museum of American Art, 1998-1999)
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Oct 1998 The Forum, Volume 10, Number 3

Architecture of Religious Freedom: A report on the Annual Meeting Program (George Anderson)
1998 A Year of Many MISF Accomplishments: Annual Report of the MISF President (Patricia McDonough)
National Scholars Coalition Conference Held Here (Ginny Hansen)
Scholars Pursue Trivial Fun at Conference (Roger Hammer)
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