Past Journal Issues

May 1999 The Forum, Volume 11, Number 1

Do Not Pass GO: Do Not Collect 10% On All Bestsellers (Richard A. Thompson)
Reckoning MISF's Past With Its Future (George A. Anderson)
Postcards from a Lost World (Richard Thompson):
Exhibition Review of On the Road with Thomas Hart Benton: Images of a Changing America (Minnesota Museum of American Art, 1998-1999)
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Oct 1998 The Forum, Volume 10, Number 3

Architecture of Religious Freedom: A report on the Annual Meeting Program (George Anderson)
1998 A Year of Many MISF Accomplishments: Annual Report of the MISF President (Patricia McDonough)
National Scholars Coalition Conference Held Here (Ginny Hansen)
Scholars Pursue Trivial Fun at Conference (Roger Hammer)
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Jul 1998 The Forum, Volume 10, Number 2

Weaving For Worship: Art in the Service of a Community of Faith (Helen Twombly Watkins)
Book Review (Helen Watkins):
A Place at the Lake (Paul Clifford Larson, 1998)
There Is a Difference (Roger Hammer)
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Apr 1998 The Forum, Volume 10, Number 1

Building South Dakota (David Erpestad, David Wood)
MISF Develops Itself for Benefit of Members: Message from the New President (Pat McDonough)
Something Constructive (Grace Morgan Willow)
The Minnesota Book Awards: Ten Years of Community Involvement and Support (Roger Sween)
MISF Members Nominated for Book Awards
Gruchow Writes on the Grace of Wilderness (Helen Twombley Watkins)
Bessler Tells Stories About Capital Punishment (John Bessler)
Amato Authors Text On Golf (Helen Twombley Watkins)
Ten Thousand Years' Occupation at the Sibley House: A Review of a Talk by Dr. Robert Crouse (David Wiggins)
Irish Literature's Chaotic Authority Figures (Pat McDonough)
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Oct 1997 Forum, Volume 9, Number 3

In Defense of the Past, Real or Imagined (John Radzilowski)
Editorial (Helen Twombly Watkins)
President's Message (David F. Juncker)
Support of Independent Scholars: An Eight-Year Journey 
Program Notes  (Helen Twombly Watkins)
MISF Lecture on Stockwell of Minneapolis (Bill Everts)
Study: Culture and Rural Schools (Gloria Morris-Grothe)
An Artisit Speaks: 'Romancing the Stones' (Ritva Luukkanen)
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Jul 1997 The Forum, Volume 9, Number 2

Home at River's Edge (David S. Wiggins)
The Myth of Histroic Preservation (Tom Abeles)
Meditations on the Theme of Place (Helen Twombly Watkins)
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Dec 1996 The Forum, Volume 9, Number 1

Institute's Art Library is Bountiful:
Minneapolis Institute of Art's Research and Reference Art Library (John Parker)
President's Message
New Ideas and Pertnerships, Old Responsibilities (Dave Juncker)
Coen Studies Impressionism in Minnesota
A Seasoned View of the History of Regional Art (Helen Twombly Watkins)
Immortality (Lucy Smith)
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Oct 1996 The Forum, Volume 8, Number 3

Renewal At The Minnespolis Athenaeum (John Parker)
President's Message (Dave Juncker)
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Feb 1996 The Forum, Volume 8, Number 1

IMA: An Association of Independent Scholars (Rhoda Gilman)
President's Column (Ross Corson)
A Library of Cultural Insights (John Parker)
Women in Print (Glenda Martin and Mary Treacy)
Scholars' Forum Study Groups (Curt Hillstrom)
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Nov 1995 The Forum, Volume 7, Number 3

'30s, '60s, '90s: A Century of Revolutions? (Arthur Naftalin)
Presient's Column (Ross Corson)
A Source for Cultural Historians (John Parker)
So What Is This Internet, Anyway?
Interview with Tamara Blaschko (David Wiggins)
Two Views of the Internet (Lucy Brusic)
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