Building the Telecommunications and Information Policy Roundtable (TIPR) framework.

Minneapolis Foundation
Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum
Project Leader: 
Mary Tracey
Project Duration: 
Apr 19 2006 to Oct 24 2006
Project Description: 

The project augmented the Telecommunications and Information Policy Roundtable (TIPR) framework to create a coalition to identify policy players, local effective practices and their policy components, relationships with other working groups, and needs (including research, tools, communication networks, and policy development in other locales).

Two multi-organization meetings were to be held, one in May, 2006, co-sponsored by TIPR, American Society of Information Science and Technology (ASIST), and the Minnesota Coalition on Government (MNCOGI); and the other a major conference in March, 2007, sponsored by TIPR, MNCOGI, and the Minneapolis Public Library.