Publication of "Scholars Without Walls: The History of the Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum (1983 - 2018)"

The Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum
Project Leader: 
Lucy Brusic
Project Duration: 
Mar 1 2019 to Mar 1 2020
Project Description: 

This is the second of a two-phased project. The first phase was a book-design. editing, and proofreading
project supported by a Research and Writing grant (G-MHCG-1706-21159). This phase is to index
the book, print it, make it accessible via Print-On-Demand and eBook facilities, and advertise and
market it.

The publication of this book will be a watershed moment in the history of MISF, summing up the
collective experience of a group of dedicated Minnesota scholars over the period of the last 35 years.

The book is intended to become a corner-stone of the Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum (MISF)
as long as the organization continues to exist, supporting both current and future members by providing
rganizational experience and clarity of purpose.

Full-service publication bids were solicited from vendors in phase 1 of the project, and based on best-value from among three bidders, Wise Ink, Inc. was selected.

Vendor Tasks: 

Indexing: Publisher quote (280 pages); Title Setup; Printing (400 copies); Print-On-Demand and eBook distribution; Advertising and Marketing; Storage (at printer location, 1 pallet  for 12 months; Shipping (400 copies)