Maritime Heritage Minnesota: Who we are and what we do

Ann Merriman, PhD, Christopher Olson, MA
Saturday, October 24, 2020 - 9:45am to 12:00pm

Since 2005 MHM has been working to document Minnesota's submerged heritage. They will detail their findings from side and down-imaging sonar surveys, underwater archaeological dive reconnaissance projects, Minnesota small craft and dugout canoe studies, and log books digitization.

MHM was founded by Ann Merriman, PhD, and Christopher Olson, MA in July 2005 in St. Paul, MN. MHM's Nautical/Maritime/Maritime Terrestrial Archaeologists are the only underwater archaeologists working in Minnesota; they hold the only 2 underwater archaeoloal licenses from the Office of the State Archaeologist in Minnesota. MHM's mission is to document, conserve, preserve, and when necessary, excavate these finite cultural resources where the welfare of the artifact is paramount. MHM is concerned with protecting our underwater and maritime sites – our shared Maritime History – for their own benefit in order for all Minnesotans to gain the knowledge that can be obtained through their study. MHM's study of wrecks does not include the removal of artifacts or damaging the sites in any way.