Celebrating Earth Month – Learn, Do, Make an Impact!

Brenn Fromm
Saturday, April 24, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:30am
At your location, via

Zoom Link

Earth Day, 51 years old this year, has grown into an entire month of events encouraging us to recognize the importance of our impact on the planet. Our April speaker, Brenn Fromm, self-proclaimed Master Recycler and advocate for Planet Earth is going to energize us through an informative and interactive session. 

This will be a one of a kind event, with a unique prize being up for grabs, an event very appropriate for the Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum to host!

Brenn (Brenda) Fromm is a long-time supporter of environmental initiatives, having started her career in the recycling and waste management field.  She spent 7 years working on environmental programs for Anoka and Dakota Counties, and earned her Certificate in Solid Waste Management at the University of Minnesota.

When she started a family, she transitioned to a career as an Executive Assistant, but never lost her passion for reducing, reusing and recycling.  She has coordinated environmental education grants for her children’s schools, and incorporated the 3 R’s into many other areas of her work and home life. She is also passionate about fishing and the outdoors, and spent several years coordinating kids’ fishing programs with the non-profit Fishing for Life.  As her day job, she spent 5 years working on the Community Relations team at Target Corporation, and recently celebrated her sixth anniversary at Allianz Life supporting the sales training team.

Brenn is the proud mom of two boys who are 18 and 20, and currently lives in Eden Prairie